In addition to a Masters in Oriental Medicine, Lynn has completed a Sports Medicine Acupuncture apprenticeship. This additional training in Sports Medicine, as well as her background both as an athlete herself and her coaching experience, provides a unique insight into treatment of injuries that few practitioners can offer.

If you are suffering from an acute sports injury or an overuse chronic injury, acupuncture treatment can be very helpful in quickly suppressing inflammation and swelling, decreasing healing times, and resolving stubborn ailments. Many have already benefited from these specialized techniques, including XTERRA competitors, weekend warriors, repetitive use sufferers, travelers, and some who just did a little too much!

Sports Injuries

knee pain
shoulder pain
ankle pain
plantar fasciitis
wrist pain
back pain

Chronic Pain
Repetitive Use Injuries

carpal tunnel
tennis elbow
tingling or numbness

Lynn Allen Acupuncture - Stress
Many have already experienced the physical benefits of having Acupuncture,

but what else can Acupuncture do?

There are many examples of acupuncture reducing stress levels, decreasing anxiety, and relieving symptoms of depression.
Acupuncture can help activate endorphins – a so-called ‘feel good’ chemical that is one of the body’s natural painkillers.

Stress Reduction

Going beyond endorphins and relaxation, one can’t help but wonder about the long-term effects of receiving Acupuncture, especially when done on a regular basis. How might regular treatments help patients’ health, especially as they get older? Many of our current major diseases (cancer, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, etc) have stress as a contributing factor in its initiation or progression to a more advanced state. It stands to reason, then, that methods to reduce stress might help in mitigating the disease.

Spiritual Transformation

Acupuncture has very deep and profound transformational qualities. At the deepest level, Acupuncture is able to balance one’s Qi to be in alignment with your purpose – “the will of the Tao.” One might describe an Acupuncture point as a little mini-chakra; each needle helps to balance all the chakras. This would explain why people feel so relaxed after a treatment: the struggle is abated, and one is aligned and in balance with one’s deepest purpose.


Digestive function directly relates to our immune system through the absorption of nutrients and elimination of waste. In our modern society it is easy to overlook digestion issues through use of antacids and over the counter medications. Rather than camouflaging the underlying issue, acupuncture can provide holistic treatment, while relieving symptoms such as heartburn, abdominal pain, acid reflux, and bowel problems.
Lynn Allen Acupuncture - Maui

Women’s Health

Acupuncture can treat a variety of women’s health issues, working with your body system, such as:
irregular periods
fertility issues
pregnancy care